Cómo usar los planificadores Ohh Deer para organizar tus labores! - Nuevos modelos

How to use Ohh Deer planners to organize your tasks! - New models

Whether you are someone who likes to write down only the important things or someone who likes to organize your day to the smallest detail, having a planner on hand while you embroider, knit, or do other tasks could undoubtedly be very useful.

In this post, we will give you some ideas on how you can use Ohh Deer planners for your projects. Discover the new models here !

Schedule your work

Although it is true that creative work often goes hand in hand with spontaneity, it is also true that it is very easy to forget a project when we have many started. If you are someone who always remembers a forgotten project while you are working on another, the planner will be your friend. Write down the project that you remembered at the moment. This way, the next time you get down to work, you won't forget it again.

Do you put off correcting your mistakes? Write them down for later

Many times we make mistakes in our work and continue with another part of the work, leaving the correction of the error for later. Writing down your mistake will help you instantly remember it when you are in the mood to correct it.

Make a list of the materials you need

Whether you are going to start a new project and need to buy materials, or if you have forgotten to buy a specific thing, write it down and rest easy knowing that you have everything under control.

Write down your impressions

Reflect on your work. If you embroider, what do you like most about your project and what do you like least. Reflecting on your work will help you choose your projects better, so that you are always comfortable with what you do.