¿Qué tejer este otoño-invierno 2023? Ideas de prendas y lanas

What to knit this fall-winter 2023? Clothing and yarn ideas

What's better than knitting a garment with your own hands? Those who are dedicated to knitting and crochet know the satisfaction that comes with creating your own garments. In this post we are going to talk about fashionable knitted garments for this fall-winter and give you some ideas of what you could knit. We hope you find some inspiration here.

Multicolored cardigans and sweaters

On the long, gray days of winter, nothing will make you feel better than a variety of bright colors. According to a study from the University of Georgia, green, yellow, blue, orange, red and violet make us feel happier. And of course in recent years bright colors and colorful combinations have been very fashionable.

Whether it's the "granny style" crochet of the 60s or color gradients, the truth is that lately we are opting more for colorful and eye-catching garments.


The scrunchie was invented in the '60s, but is commonly known as something that was fashionable in the '90s. Be that as it may, major fashion houses including Chanel, Rag & Bone, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood have brought it back. lap. Miu Miu has brought it in crochet, a great idea for those who want to combine it with a sweater or simply for those who like small projects and crocheted accessories.

dog sweater

Although our furry dogs regulate their temperature on their own, there are dog breeds that need some help in winter. Make him a sweater to keep him warm.

Crochet bag

Crochet bags are very fun to make. This bag made with Chunky wool from Katia would be the ideal winter accessory. Click on the image to get the kit that includes the pattern and the wool you need to knit it. You can also change the colors and use your favorite combination.

Socks and legwarmers

What's more practical than socks? There are many fun designs to choose from. Give a pair to your loved ones.